challenging the sexual norm

      Some of the violence in the society are more obvious, like the ones against certain genders or races, while others are more imperceptible, like the oppression against the “abnormality”. As a group of LGBTQ+ and supporting allies, we experienced how normality oppresses our everyday lives, our bodies, sexuality, and thoughts. To question the nature of the sexual norm, this project will travel into the future to look into the possible alternate normality of sexuality in different social contexts.

      "Sx-Fi", which stands for sexuality fiction, combines interactive AR, wearable tech, contemporary dance and speculative storytelling workshops to challenge the existing sexual norm. Engaging the public through workshops, Sx-Fi invite people to create speculative stories of how sexuality might be like in the future. The collective imaginations are recombined into eight sexuality fictions that happened at different time points in the future: the year 2020, 2030, 2040, 2120, 2220, 3020, 4020 and 9999. Based on the contents of these sexuality fictions, a participatory performance, which consists of contemporary dance and AR interactions, is developed to further investigate the diversity and fluidity of the sexual norms and sexual identities. A performer, wearing a body/face deforming costume that creates a non-binary body, would explore the verbal and non-verbal vocabulary related to sexuality/gender and challenge how we perceive others' identity. The audience could interact with the performer during the performance through interactive AR, which blurs the boundary between the roles of observers and actors.

Among the eight sexuality fictions, here is a sneak peak into 2120:

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Past Exhibitions

2019 Oct

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe

Berlin, Germany

2019 Sep


Aix-en-Provence, France

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