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"Give-Me-Fi" is a speculative card game that invite the players to imagine what sex/sexuality would be like in the future. Within the game, there are four types of cards: time, people, action and location. Drawing one of each types of cards forms a sentence that describe a sexuality-related event in the future. Based on these randomly-formed sentences, the players will take turns to tell stories of what is happening to sex/sexuality in the future world.

Give-Me-Fi is developed for the Sx-Fi project to engage people and to have a deep dive into their minds. During multiple iterations of prototyping and testing, previous players have told us that "Give-Me-Fi" removed the restriction of reality in their mind and made it possible to imagine a more creative scenario of sexuality, which eventually led them to rethink about the present social construct of sexual norm.

Due to the very encouraging feedbacks, we would like to share this game with the world and creating a broader impact through making it Creative Commons (CC BY-NC). We would like to invite you to download the game and try it out with your family or friends. Also, as this is currently a beta version, please let us know if you have any feedback, question or thought.


Give-Me-Fi is for FREE, but if you like the game, or are interested in supporting the project, please feel free to donate a small amount of money. Any amount is appreciated, and all the donations will be used on the further development of the project.

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