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Sx-Fi (sexuality fiction) is an art project that combines interactive AR, wearable tech, contemporary dance and story-telling workshops to challenge the current sexual norm. Engaging the public through installation, performance and workshop, Sx-Fi invite people to re-imagine how sexuality might be like in the future.

Sexuality   Gender 
Social Engagement 

Fluidity   Speculation   Queer 

Participatory    Wearable 
Augmented Reality 


Sx-Fi by AMMZ lab

We are a collective of international artists and designers who believe that everyone deserve to be accepted as who they are. We believe in empathy and communication. Through engaging the general public with various media and technologies, we would like to invite people to re-envision what the future of sexuality & gender might be like.

collective imagination

To inspire people to imagine a possible alternative reality, we designed a speculative toolset in the form of a card game. The futuristic setting aims to expand people's imagination about sexuality under different social contexts.

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